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Travel Notes

As my regular reader knows, I’ve been doing a fair bit of traveling the past couple of years and while I mostly tolerate the security theater (seriously – a laptop battery is far more dangerous than shampoo) I’m still amazed at what people try to do. Maybe I’ve just been traveling too much, but how can you not know about the (silly) liquid rules? Even if you haven’t read them, most of the airports I’ve been flying through are continually reminding passengers about the magical quart bags via the public address system. As if that weren’t enough, there seem to be signs everywhere – many conveniently located right at the head of the security line where in some cases you can actually get a complimentary plastic bag (who said all the romance was gone from traveling?)

Flying home from Salt Lake City one guy tried to carry on full bottles of mouth wash and liquid soap – he seemed *stunned* that they weren’t going to let him through. Of course that was topped by the woman that was behind me coming back from Milwaukee. She had what can best be described as a pallet of bottled water she brought from home and seemed quite put out that the screener was going to make her throw all that reasonably priced liquid refreshment in the trash. But that doesn’t hold a candle to the things that get confiscated on a daily basis – apparently you can get a pretty good deal on an impact drill if you’re willing to hunt the government warehouse store. And how can two people a week walk through security forgetting that only air marshals and pilots get to carry heat? Of course the real thing to remember – don’t carry anything through security that a TSA agent doesn’t understand (via Threat Level)…

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