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Sad but True

October 27th, 2006 4 comments

Like many geeks I’m pretty sure Dilbert is just about the greatest comic ever (right up there with The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes) but today’s strip just rang so true! Of course some of these hit so close to home that it is just scary – seriously I think there are days that he’s just down the hall. And more than a couple of people found the latest coffee series reminded them all too much of me…

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Ah Travel

October 20th, 2006 No comments

The glamours life that is the speaking circuit. Last night around 8 PM I picked my lovely wife up at exotic MSP only to return 12 hours later to fly to Toronto for the NF event. In general I like MSP – well, I’m familiar with it – but I have to say, “they” have really sucked the romance out of travel. Off with your shoes, take off your belt, put your laptop through separately please, take out your little plastic baggy full of travel size liquids and gels, throw that water away… Man – these new rules *must* be a boon for the in airport kiosk industry.

But you know what the secret is? Never forget, the people working here are doing their best (mostly) and their just following orders. Be civil to them and you’ll be amazed at what you get in return. I know, some of them are, well, dinks, but a smile and a warm comment go a long way. At least it does for me – YMMV.

Today I’m flying out of good old concourse A, a relatively new part of MSP and one I’ve never been to. The kindly woman who checked me in (and also shared a neat little trick, what did I say about that smile? No, I’m not telling…) was right – it is half way to Stillwater! I hope I’m not flying on the plane I see out the window…what was that I said about glamour?

Most of the time I’m traveling out of the main part of the airport where you can’t go fifty feet without running into a Caribou or a McDonald’s but when you’re at A, you better be ready for the duration. Or have the time to run back to C. Seriously, vending machines are you options down here (but they are cheaper…) One thing I can’t figure out though – why does the “the walkway is ending” voice have a British accent? Is that particular vernacular more comforting to international travelers? Oh well, in a few hours I’ll be in Toronto settled in for what I’m sure will be a great weekend and then off to Boston for *the* event of the fall. Other than missing my wife, I’m pumped!

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Upcoming Events

October 18th, 2006 No comments

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks that I’ve been remiss in mentioning my schedule. This weekend I’ll be in the Toronto area at the Greater Toronto Software Symposium talking about Ajax and usability. Mr. Ashley has been trying to get me to his neck of the woods for a while now, unfortunately I won’t be there long enough to soak in the local flavor. I haven’t been speaking much of late so I’m really looking forward to connecting with the lads (I suspect there will be some Catan going on…)

From there I head over to Boston for the Ajax Experience where I will be presenting a broad overview of some common Ajax frameworks. Jay and the Ajaxians have put together a fantastic lineup of speakers and it will be an action packed event. A few of my friends managed to wrestle some funding from their respective employers so I’m looking forward to catching up. It’s going to be a busy week for me but I’m really excited!

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ZeroLogik Podcast

October 9th, 2006 No comments

Ryan and I were delighted to chat with the lads from ZeroLogik late last week and the results have been posted. As you might guess, we discussed Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks along with a plethora of current events. If you want a sense of how glamorous writing is, you’ll want to give this a listen ;) Despite some technical glitches (our call dropped a couple of times) a good time was had by all! Thanks again to ZeroLogik for having us on and before you crank it up, please keep in mind they carry the explicit tag…

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Code Monkey

October 9th, 2006 3 comments

I have a real thing for “Geek Music” (see My Cubicle and The DOM Song too) so when I ran into Code Monkey Like You over on Crazy Bob‘s site I just had to post a link. Based on this song I’ve subscribed to Jonathan Coulton podcast and I hope the RIAA and MPAA get what can happen when people are allowed the freedom given under innovative licenses like those of the Creative Commons. Of course with the recent Google and YouTube news, we might see a lot more of this kind of work…

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