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FoA Bits and Pieces

Ryan and I had a rather interesting package waiting for us yesterday – a translated copy of Foundations of Ajax (I think Korean, but we’re not really sure). I dig the new cover and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool to see our book in a different language!

Here are a couple of pix:

Foundations Translation Front Cover

Foundations Translation Back Cover

There’s also a new review on Javalobby. I would like to say that at least a few of the examples run without a Servlet container ;) and given this particular site’s audience, I’m betting people will be just fine. We certainly could have delved into patterns a bit more and I would direct people to Christian Gross’ Ajax Patterns and Best Practices and Michael Mahemoff‘s Ajax Design Patterns (also check out his excellent Ajax Patterns web site).

All in all, a pretty positive review. As I’ve mentioned before, given more time, we would have written some examples in some other server side languages. I was happy to hear that the book has helped the reviewer (Schalk Neethling) and thanks for noticing the tools chapters – lots of people seem to miss those somehow!

By the way, that *was* Ryan on Future Tense a while back talking about Ajax…

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