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The Bozo Explosion

February 28th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Guy Kawasaki has a great post: “How to Prevent a Bozo Explosion“. How many is your company guilty of? What about Scoble‘s additions? More importantly – what are you doing about it?

I hate to admit how many of these I’ve seen over the years but there are some great messages in these posts. I’ve been very intrigued by the concept of constraints and what they can mean to a software organization (see Kathy’s post for more). One lesson of the bubble – growing REALLY big REALY fast with LOTS of cash isn’t the answer… I also think Guy’s advice about looking beyond the resume is important – how many great candidates to you think Google has flushed because they didn’t go to the right school?

There were a couple of bits in Robert’s additions that really caught my eye especially the one about changing the spec… And I think you know where I stand on meetings!

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