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Why Accessibility Matters

January 17th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve always been an advocate for making applications accessible – it just seems like the right thing to do. And frankly, it isn’t that hard especially when you’re just getting started (baking it in after the fact….well, that’s tougher). Of course if you want to sell to the government, you better know about 508 and it sure doesn’t hurt to follow the WAI as closely as you can.

As much as accessibility might be the right thing to do, many business customers refuse to pay for it much as curb cuts were few and far between until the ADA, which, for now, doesn’t cover the Internet. So, how do convince your sponsor that accessibility is more just a nice to have? Show them this piece from Seth Godin‘s blog: Knitting for the blind. Simply making their site work for blind users resulted in customers that vowed to buy exclusively from them (and not just those that were blind mind you). How much would your marketing department pay for that kind of zeal? Could your company use that kind of customer?

I think my wine monger is the best around and that’s why I recommend Brightwines to everyone that asks (and many that don’t). It’s also why 95% of my wine comes from Dave. Never underestimate the power of passionate users! Apparently, showing a little compassion can be good for business…

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