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The State Fair Part 2

August 29th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Couple of comments I forgot to put in yesterday’s piece. First, the “evil empire” was doing some serious campaign work at the Fair – I saw tons of their bags all over the place. Second, if you’re planning on seeing Tonic Sol-Fa at next year’s fair (assuming they are still playing at the free bandshell – you would expect they will eventually move up the Grandstand) you best get their early. We got there around 6:40 (nearly two hours before the scheduled start time) and we had a tough time finding good seats. Apparently the word is getting out on these guys. I have to admit, I was quite surprised at the variety I saw in their audience. As you would expect, there was a strong showing in the key 18-35 demo but I was really shocked at how many people in the 50s, 60s and 70s I saw there. Actually, it was the guy in the “I Love You Man” Bud Light T-shirt (how long ago was that campaign?) that really seemed out of place…

While I’m talking about Tonic Sol-Fa yet again I do have to point out that they are based from (what I consider) my home town of St. Cloud and half the boys hail from my alma matter! Go Johnnies!

Few other random thoughts. First, its been a long time since I’ve gone to the Fair and night and its really quite fun! It helps to have such unbelievably good weather the last few days. The place really thins out around 7 which gives you some room to move. Speaking of which, those of you with the SUV sized strollers, seriously, they just can’t fit everywhere. We don’t have kids so maybe I’ll feel differently in the future (and the way Christine talks, that future isn’t going to be very far off.) Still, watching people try and maneuver these massive kid carriers around was pretty frustrating. Of course the people with the massive kid backpacks – you might want to be careful when you turn – you’re a bit larger than you’re used to.

You know, people are pretty interesting. With 130,000 folks around, you’d think people would realize they, you know, aren’t alone. Its one thing to walk around absentmindedly, but to the guy that was walking backwards down the street – yeah, not a good idea! Anyway, we had a great time (don’t mind my comments, I can be a crank sometimes) and the weather really was outstanding! For now, we’ll just munch on our leftover Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

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