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Abandon all Hope of a Better Past

August 6th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

A lot of us have a tendency to focus on the past – its easy to see where we’ve been. After all not one of us truly knows what tomorrow will bring (sometimes even this afternoon is a challenge) but looking back is a breeze. I think all of us have wanted to pull a Superman and turn back time but life just doesn’t have an undo button.

I had a 1-1 with my VP the other day and during it he said “Abandon all hope of a better past.” At first glance, this quote may sound a tad dark but truthfully I think there’s a lesson here. True, we all wish we could fix the past but in the end, that’s just wishful thinking. That doesn’t mean we should ignore history but to expend enormous amounts of energy in an effort to somehow improve it is not particularly fruitful. But just because we can’t change the past doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to learn the lessons it has to teach.

So remember, we are where we are; there’s little we can do to change how we got here. However, we do control our present and our future so if there are things in your past that you wish you could change put your effort into the things that are in your hands. Learn from the past but don’t let it consume you.

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