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Golf in Minnesota – an Ode to the Weather

Minnesota weather is, well, weird. I know, some of you are thinking we have permafrost and it never gets above 50 but I swear, that’s just not true. In fact most of July has been hot – not Arizona hot, but still toasty warm. And for those of you that have heard a Minnesotan say of our winters “its a dry cold” well this time of year we get plenty of humidity.

We’ve had quite a string of 90 degree days so it was with this streak in mind that I packed my bag for the annual “father-son golf/fishing extravaganza” this week at the family cabin (its almost the law around here – everyone has a family cabin.) I brought plenty of shorts, extra golf shirts, lots of light colors…everything you need to play a few rounds when the temperatures are in the 90s. But this is Minnesota and the one truth about our weather is that it changes, often very quickly. So imagine my surprise when it was around 50 degrees when we teed off at Golden Eagle on Tuesday. OK so I wasn’t really surprised per-say but I wasn’t prepared so I had to buy a fleece from the pro shop (it is MN after all – they even had winter hats and gloves.)

Another oddity about our weather is the rain. For some reason, we always seem to have a bunch of rain in the Spring then we have near droughts during the summer. This year held to form – we had a ton of rain early and then July hit and the spigots turned off. It has hardly rained during all of July until, of course, this week. This is the sixth incarnation of the “father-son golf/fishing extravaganza” and in five years we haven’t had a single round impaired by rain. Sure, we had some drizzles, but nothing that drove us off the course.

That streak ended this week. On Monday we played Golden Eagle with my cousin, Gerald (he and his wife came up to the cabin for a couple of days). Gerald is also my golf instructor and he’s a good stick. Because we are such fans of Golden Eagle we were really jazzed to show him this North Woods gem. Things were going great…until about the 7th hole. By the time we made the turn it was pouring so we huddled in the club house. According to the radar it was going to be an all day rain. Sigh. Our first raincheck in 6 years.

Oh well, losing half a round, it happens, this is the real world. Dad and I went back to Golden Eagle on Tuesday and got 18 in (with a nice warm fleece) and we figured we were good for the rest of the week. We had a tee time at The Classic at Madden’s on Wednesday with one of my father’s friends and his brother. We arrived to absolutely gorgeous weather – temps in the mid 70s, blue sky, a bit windy but ideal golfing weather. Things were going great until about the 6th hole when I noticed clouds off in the distance. By 10 we started hearing some thunder, nothing ominous but still something to think about. By 13 we saw lightening and we bolted for the clubhouse. As we were putting the sticks in the truck, the sky opened up and we got drenched. Sigh. Another rain check.

Oh well, that’s Minnesota and that’s golf.

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